Consequences of Ignoring 'Pooling' on Your Low Slope Roof

Low slope roofs, or flat roofs, possess a multitude of advantages over sloped roofs, especially when installed on larger buildings, but are also particularly vulnerable to damage due to pooling.  Pooling is defined as a condition in which water remains on a flat roof for 48 hours or more and can not only shorten the life of the low sloped roof, but also potentially negatively affect the structural integrity of the entire building.

When extensive pooling occurs, chemical and structural issues can begin to take place and upset not only the material on the top layer, but also every component involved in the roofing systems' subsequent layers and accessories.  Standing water on a low-slope can actually act as a magnifying glass and subject the roof to high amounts of UV exposure, be a catalyst for oxidation of any metal flashings on the roof, as well as challenge and greatly deteriorate the bonding adhesives used to install the roof and lead to rips and tears in the seams and material in general.  If there is only slight damage, many building owners can temporarily fix the issue by hiring a commercial roofing expert, such as Holt Roofing Company, to repair; however, if the pooling is noticeable and rather extensive, it’s time to replace your flat roof.

How do you decide to repair or replace? As a good rule of thumb, consider the service life of the material currently on your roof.  If it is close to its expiration, you will want to replace the entire roof.  Also, if the cost to repair exceeds 20 percent of the cost to replace the current roof system and your service warranty is past its halfway mark, full or partial system replacement is the best option.

In any case, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to the life of your building’s low slope roof, take time to contact experts in commercial low slope roofing, we suggest at least two, in order to obtain a professional opinion. 

Holt Roofing Company is dedicated to providing honest assessments of both commercial and residential roofs.  Our flat roof experts will provide you with any information you may need pertaining to your investment and complete the necessary work to protect your roof and building.  Contact us today: 419-478-2900.