Roofing Scope of Work: SOW Section 3: Execution

SOW Section 3: Execution

3.01 Examination: The roofing contractor and the builder would at this point inspect the job site areas before beginning any type of work.  The following conditions would need to be verified:

  1. Roof openings and penetrations are in place and set. Drains clamped.
  2. Wood blocking, curbs, nailers are securely anchored to roof deck at penetrations and terminations. Nailers meet thicknesses of insulation.
  3. Surface plane flatness/fastening of steel roof deck and/or wood deck comply with specific requirements.

All of the above would need to be corrected before commencing work.

3.02 Preparation: All areas would be cleaned and cleared in order to begin roofing installation.

3.03 Install Roof Insulation

3.04 Install Fully-Adhered EPDM-Rubber Membrane

3.05 Install Base Flashing

3.06 Install Walkways

3.07 Field Quality Control: After installation is completed, the builder and installer would schedule for a manufacturer’s representative, an independent test rep, and any other pertinent individual(s) to inspect the job done.  Compliance would be determined as well as additional work if needed.

3.08 Protecting and Cleaning: Instructions on what’s required during and after EPDM membrane installation would be provided to the installer and builder.  An architect and the business owner would also have to be provided with a written report on such details.