Roofing Scope of Work

Roofing Project Checklist:  Scope of Work

The Scope of Work (SOW) is an essential list that should be part of any roofing project.  It’s a breakout of what is going to be done in a complete sense and should provide a customer with a clear description of all steps involved in the roofing job to be completed.

Roofing contractors who do not offer customers with a concise SOW should not be considered as legitimate contractors.  A good SOW makes sure that the work proposed is laid out and itemized in order to explain the process as well as the end result.  Here are some questions that should be answered when looking at a roofing SOW:

  1. Does the SOW specify the installation method?
  2. Is the SOW comprehensive and detailed?
  3. Does the SOW specify the product, manufacturer, and thickness?
  4. Does the SOW have line item numbers for easy reference?
  5. Does the SOW make reference to workmanship and/or manufacturer’s warranty options?
  6. Has the roofing contractor offered to sit down and discuss each line item of the SOW with you?

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