SOW Sections Continued! Section 2: Products

SOW Section 2: Products

2.01 EPDM Roofing Membrane: In this section, a roofing contractor would have to provide all information in regards to the type of roofing material to be used.  Because the builder is requesting an EPDM (rubber) roof, the membrane specified would have to include the manufacturer information.  As an example, we will say that the manufacturer to be used is Firestone Building Products™. Firestone’s EPDM membrane is trademarked as their Rubbergard™ series.  The thickness of the membrane required in this example is .060 or 60 mils.  The color of EPDM is most often black. The builder would provide information pertaining to other approved manufacturers, if any, in this section.

2.02 Auxiliary Materials: Auxiliary materials would include the following: general, sheet flashing, bonding adhesive, metal termination bars, fasteners, and other miscellaneous accessories.  The items in this section would also provide any safety data sheet information for each product or material listed.

2.03 Roof Insulation: The roofing contractor would provide info. on what insulation boards would be used for insulation.  In this specific case, the board would be Polyisocyanurate Board Insulation, Firestone™ manufactured, and comply with the wind uplift code.  The fabrication to slope methods would also need to be spelled out for the builder.

2.04 Insulation Accessories and Walkways: Any accessories necessary for correct installation of insulation would be explained in this section. If necessary, the builder would specify where and what type of walkway pads would need to be used during installation. 

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