Chimney Flashing

When it comes to leaky chimneys - loose, torn or cracked chimney flashing is usually the cause. Corners are especially susceptible to leaks when the flashing is not installed properly. Caulking is only a temporary fix and can easily loosen or deteriorate over time, which causes moisture to seep under the flashing and inevitably cause damage. Anytime you notice signs of a leaky chimney, call a professional roofing contractor to perform a visual inspection of the chimney – especially one that involves a thorough evaluation of the flashing metal.

At Holt Roofing Company, we utilize the best flashing techniques available along with Kynar® coated steel in order to ensure that your entire roof is weather-proofed, corrosion-free, and protected on each and every area.

No repair is too big or small! Holt also provides a one-year workmanship warranty for all repairs. Contact us today to set an appointment! 419-478-2900